sexta-feira, junho 06, 2008

Pô Jó, mas você também só reclama!

"Having some kind of block does not in any way, shape, or form = lazy. Ridiculous. People who overuse the word "lazy" usually overuse the word "whining" as well, whenever they hear anyone complain about anything. Forget about legitimate complaints, forget about an honest and open struggle with faults and disappointments, forget about being face to face with your own failures and admitting it - all of it is apparently whining. Every time I've written one of my personal essays, someone shows up and tells me to stop whining. These people would tell Blanche Dubois to stop whining as she's dragged off in a straitjacket. These people would tell Macbeth to stop being such a whining pussy-boy. These people would tell Gatsby to put a cork in it and "man up, crybaby". No complaint is legitimate enough for these people to ever complain about."

Tirado deste post, deste blog. Acho que desenvolvi uma girl crush séria nessa mulher.


Blogger Paulo Tiago said...

O duro é que tem gente que, de fato, VIVE de complaints. Chega a ficar foda até mesmo ficar perto de tais seres, mas no fim das contas todos temos o direito de reclamar de alguma coisa - e muitas vezes legitima e honestamente.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Rachel Weiss said...

roubei essa mulher também.

1:09 PM  

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